Glycerites for Fish and Humans


Glycerites are exceptionally high quality, high purity extracts using glycerine (glycerol) as the extraction medium, considered and proven to be nutritionally superior to all other extraction methods.

A 'true' Glycerite is one which is totally alcohol-free in its production (alcohol is a known protein destroying extraction method, commonly employed in manufacturing for both efficiency and cheapness), considered by both traditional and modern herbalists and academia alike to be the best carrier of choice which is 100% natural in every sense of the word.

The traditional process of extractions using glycerine now lost to the majority of modern day herbalists, are both long and methodical using carefully controlled processes at ambient temperatures to produce a liquid which has a low glycemic load, is fully digestible, self-preserving and a natural anti-freeze resulting in an excellent yield.

The majority of modern day extraction processes use alcohol as the extraction medium. These types of extraction (tinctures) are quick and efficiently produced, along with steam fractionisation/distillation processes. Unfortunately this method results in protein destruction rendering a poor nutritional product. Modern day consumers are not always aware of how our foods are prepared and the average consumer blindly assumes that, because it is regulated, that what they eat and drink is somehow healthy for them and fully digestible - this couldn't be further from the truth!

The fact is; foods and extracts in particular that contain or are made largely from alcohol, are generally cheaper and of lower quality. Consumers may not be aware of, or overly concerned with the production methods (even though they are not kosher) and may even find them acceptable in some cases, as this type of extract (tincture) and method of production is what they are accustomed to, has a familiar and distinct pungent smell and taste (or after taste), and in the case of an extract made with alcohol as the carrier; has preservative & anti-freeze qualities too, but for several very important reasons;

Apart from the alcohol content that results from a natural fermentation process, a lot of the ingredients that contain it become tainted and have undesirable qualities. Manufacturers looking for a quick and cheap extraction process address these problems by part distillation of alcohol after the extraction process has completed. This leaves residues of alcohol in the final product but also; the heat & alcohol used from the steep and distillation will have significantly altered & destroyed what remains of the proteins.

A wholesome natural food, especially that of raw and unprocessed ingredients, contains all the enzymes necessarily for digestion. A raw food is complete in that sense and it is only when heat from cooking, distillation, alcohol or other processing methods are employed that they cannot be fully digested. In some cases processed foods are termed "junk food", and for good reason, its not always just the ingredients that make up a poor diet, its the method of processing that's to blame too.

A Glycerite, is an extract of those very nutrients & substances that all living creatures require for survival, essentially, a completed alcohol-free, full-term Glycerite (one that has been allowed to mature naturally over a long period of time), contains extracts that are available in a state ready for absorption by the animals digestive system, thus saving the body of having to work so hard in the first place. An extract so made is fuel/sustenance and energy ready to go and contains many variably active and powerful ingredients. A Glycerite is regarded as the most natural product of extraction because glycerine itself is natural (vegetable) and the ingredients used are raw using an alcohol-free process that doesn't denature proteins the same way as distillation or alcohol extraction methods do.

Nature invented it first, humans tried and failed to emulate with alcohol.

In the traditional sense, a Glycerite uses glycerine and cold purified water as its extraction medium. Glycerine has been used for hundreds of years for extracting herbal and botanical substances, and depending on the extracted constituents, they can be regarded as Nutraceutical's in some cases.

Glycerites are made primarily for human consumption and are regarded as the ultimate extract (extracts made with glycerine) imparting health and medical benefits. However research by Laguna FP Ltd in the UK has recently been accredited with developing the worlds first Glycerite called "SAC juice" (Soak And Coat), made specifically for anglers from natural botanical, fish and animal extracts, as a fish feed additive and bait.

This new research suggests that fish can also benefit from a wide variety of flavoured extracts too, much like humans and other living creatures that require such nutrients, but more importantly the organization is confident in the fishes ability to actually detect and seek out these components in a watery environment using their chemoreceptor & olfactory senses. In many test cases carried out over a number of years such extracts are preferred by fish to that of their natural feed or other competing anglers bait that use artificial flavours. Seemingly they (the fish) know the difference.

A Glycerite made from 0% alcohol takes upwards of a year to complete (depending on the exact formula and type of extract) at nothing more than room ambient temperatures. The result is a pure extract that has an expected shelf life in excess of 20 years that will continue to resist spoilage even when opened.

Glycerites, especially ones that contains around 70% glycerine content, are by their very nature, both a preservative and an anti-freeze. They are also regarded as a Nutraceutical that provides health and medical benefits, one that is nutritious and beneficial to humans and that fish are able to detect in minute quantities. These properties along with the unadulterated amino acids and proteins present are what sets them apart. But what's remarkable is that the temperature range of -46.5 (°C) to 37.0 (°C) protection does seem to hold true, even if its well beyond the necessary requirements or ones expectations, but useful nevertheless because they don't ever need refrigerating - its the intrinsic nature of a alcohol-free Glycerite made to such high standards.

SAC juice Glycerites for fish


By Chris Wilson